“The time I spent with you changed my life. In a huge way, changed everything. You brought safety into my being, a safety that had previously been blocked. And not only do I feel a freedom, safety and trust, I am not experiencing the physical affects of anxiety (which I have experienced since I was 20). I wish that I could tell you what you gave to me but really I can’t. I don’t have words to express my gratitude.”

Rachel Hobson

Relationship Coach, hobsoncoaching.com

“I feel like I fill my own skin better than I have in years.”

A.T., Orland Park, IL

“I started seeing Katie during my initial year of training as a coach. Time with her helped me truly embody who I wanted to be with and for my clients, and to maintain the energy I needed during an intensive year of learning. Regular phone sessions with Katie help me stay open, grounded, and clear, and centered — especially during stressful times. Katie’s skill in working remotely allows me to do this wherever I am, and to easily fit a session into my day. I recommend Katie’s energy work to anyone whose work with others demands that you bring the best of yourself forward.”

Michelle Hynes

Coach & Consultant, Portland OR , MichelleHynes.com

“I was blown away by my healing session with Katie. The time we spent on the phone left me energized and hopeful. She was incredibly accurate with her reading of my energy and I could really feel the energy renewing and cleansing my mental, emotional and physical patterns. Katie’s sweet energy pointed in your direction is a tremendous gift!”

Dr. L. S. M.

N.D., Pheonix, AZ?

“I have been on a path of growth and evolution for over 30 years and have encountered many healers along the way.  But I must admit that Katie’s work was the most powerful session I have ever received.  Katie’s energy is clean and direct.  She knows when to bring in energy and when to get out of the way.  My work with Katie has changed my life and has helped me move toward my next level of being.  I HIGHLY recommend sessions with her if you have any intention of improving your life – on any level!”

Katy Lyons


“Katie’s energy during our long distance treatment was powerful. I immediately felt her connect in with my energy, a warmth and pleasant vibration. During my treatment I felt the energy moving, clearing, and renewing. It was profound, as this was my first “long distance” treatment. What a perfect way to stay in tune with your true capacity in the busy day to day lives we all live.”

Anna H

Photographer, www.AnnaHoye.com

“Katie is like the Tiger Woods of energy work.”  (quoted before the scandal)

Aimee M.


“Your healing work is incredibly powerful!  I get exactly what I need in every session with you – whether it’s clearing out old stuff, or being filled with revitalizing energy. Your ability to tune into what’s happening in my body and spirit amazes me, and I love how you always make me laugh, even when we’re delving into the deep, dark recesses of my psyche. After each session I feel so much more grounded and clear – able to move forward more easily into the life I want. I’m so grateful for your bright light – you inspire me!”

Emily Trinkaus

Astrologer and Author, https://emilytrinkaus.com/

“Katie knows on an instinctual level many of the needs of her clients and helps them express them. She brings forth from her clients and associates what is best for them and those around them. She gets results on all levels.”

Joe C.

Business Owner

“My god, woman, that session was incredible. When i left i felt the most energetically full that i have ever been aware of feeling before. You have a most impressive capacity for moving and reading energy–and i love how you mix sacredness and silliness in a session. Your genuine, passionate, and loving personality comes through clearly in your work. I felt gently held and deeply honored. I beamed my way into my class with my sticker on and told everyone about it. Can’t wait to come back for another treatment–you’re my new energy lady.”

Jay Fields

Embodiment Coach, jay-fields.com

“I love your work and your presence. You walk your talk and I really recommend you to whoever is reading this and has not yet come and see for themselves how real and powerful your work is!!”


Licenced Professional Counselor

“Katie is truly a conduit for the flow of healing and energy.   The calming effect, the insight into my emotional, spiritual and physical self was as refreshing and fulfilling as each of the deep breaths during the session.  I didn’t know I could breath so fully or so deeply.  The thoughts that she imparted to me during the session have helped me respond more fully as myself to the problems I am facing.  When I went to work (three days after our session), my co-workers were asking me what changed.  They said they had never seen me so relaxed and tension free in the ten years I have been working there. “

Jan T, Chicago, IL

“Recently I experienced a very serious problem with my right eye.  The symptoms I had were alarming, it was a vitreous separation. I talked with my Renewal Energy practitioner, Katie Todd. We worked over the phone on clearing blocked energy from past emotional trauma that had settled in the area of my right eye and created an affirmation for a new way to look at my future life.  When I went to see my optometrist for my follow up visit she confirmed that my eye had made remarkable recovery in such a short time. We then realized that my eye sight in the right eye was better than it was before and considerably better than my left eye!  This is only one example of the profound emotional and physical healing I have experienced through my work with Katie.  Her Energy work really is the medicine of the future!”

Karen A., Hillsboro, OR

“Receiving from Katie is a delight. Her playful attitude towards even the most challenging work makes the chore so much lighter. During a recent phone session with her I experienced an energetic warmth and expansion in my chest that was very soothing. Afterwards I felt a delicious nap come on, and upon awakening felt lighter and clear-headed. Katie’s sessions reconnect me with my highest expression.”

Dr. H.A.

ND. , Minneapolis, MN

“Katie – you are so amazing!  Your energy work makes all the difference in my life – it affects every aspect of it – infused with light and peace and energy.  Money’s a bit tight. I let go of the housekeeper and the gym membership (for now!) yet there’s no way I’d let go of your energy sessions!  You rock!”

Ava J.

Owner, ReDesignNorthwest

“After meeting with Katie, my body was released of an anxiety that had become my resting state. Now I have a sense of spaciousness, a renewed feeling of possibility and openness.  The first couple of nights I waited for the old anxiety to show up and take over, but those feelings have not returned. Katie’s presence was loving, kind and accepting. I was surprised how much I felt during the session but the after affects have been even more potent.  Thank you, Katie!  Looking forward to more.”

K.L., Portland, OR

“ I just spent 15-20 minutes with Katie on the phone and felt very nurtured. Katie has a vibrant, engaging, and centered personality that put me at ease immediately. She kept the focus on me without being obtrusive.  I felt like I was being held in a warm blanket on a chilly fall evening. Katie scanned my chakras from top to bottom and “put her hands on” various parts of my body that she sensed needed special attention. She was spot on.  After the energy session by phone I felt lighter, happier, more grounded and balanced. It felt good to have been seen and held in such a deep, yet light-hearted and individualized way.”

Carol R., Portland, OR

“I was seeing Katie for help with a degenerative hip. My hip was especially sore one day and I was feeling really down about my limited mobility and lack of exercise. Katie has a very gentle soothing style, and a very comforting demeanor. She transported me to a peaceful healing place with her gentle intentions .She went to work putting me at ease, in a beautifully relaxed state. She focused her Renewal energy work on my ailing hip. One hour later, I left feeling an amazing warm sense of peace and calm and my hip felt so much better. So did my spirit!”

Cathryn T.