So You’ve Been Burned? Teleseminar

Thank you for participating in So You’ve Been Burned? Energetic Healing Series.

Here are the recordings of the calls:

Use the password: witch to access.

Reply of Call #1 

Replay Call #2

Replay of Call #3

I’ll leave these 2 links up for ya’ll here too.

Here’s a YouTube version of the movie, The Burning Times.

Emily Trinkaus’s teleclass, Venusian Priestess: Mary Magdelene is an excellent resource of the history of the denigration of the feminine.  You can listen to it here.

With Gratitude,


Oh and meet Rimas. Proceeds from this call series funded Rimas’ first year of high school. She lives in Kenya and has aspirations to be the president. More info for Investing Developing Communities at www.IDCEmpowers.orgCreated with Nokia Smart Cam