The Flow of Grace in your space

Personalized Paintings that encourage Connection


Now you can experience moments of calm and peace, gain perspective, or remember the feeling of your Flow of Grace energy session while viewing beautiful paintings on the walls of your home.  Katie uses her skills as a professional artist to create a custom piece to bring you the space you need.  That space to pause and listen. Listen to yourself, not that mind chatter, but to that part of you that knows.

How this works:

Receive Flow of Grace energy (via hands-on, or phone). Katie will get a clear sense of your energy, a “visual scape of your soul”.  You’ll feel a deeper connection with this infinite part of yourself.

We will then discuss how Katie sees this visually represented to you as a reminder of your depth and beauty.  We decide the dimensions and colors and cost.  Then Katie will start creating your signature painting.  She will complete and ship your beauty in 4 – 12 weeks depending on the size and scope of the piece.

Please, email Katie for more info about this unique process.

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