Hospice, Home and Hospital Visits


Being with death and the process of dying is familiar and comfortable to Katie.  In 1888 her great, great grandfather established the Coyle Funeral Home in Toledo, Ohio.  Her uncle, father and sister continue the tradition  of caring for families in time of need.  And, yes, growing up was kind of like Six Feet Under, but not as dysfunctional or dramatic.

Katie worked in both the Hospice of Northwest Ohio and Legacy Hospice of Portland as a volunteer in care facilities, and in the homes of Hospice patients.

Renewal energy comforts and aids the spirit, which is often more vital or “energized” than the physical body at the end of life.  Unresolved issues between family members can clear up quickly and easily at the this time. Renewal allows patients and families to feel safe, calm, and at peace during life transitions.


Home visits are meant for anyone who has difficultly leaving their home, due to illness, injury, or parenting.


Results have shown that the sooner one can receive healing energy after a traumatic event, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or injury, the speedier the recovery time.

Family members are asked to be open to receiving Renewal during the session as well.