Private Sessions

Your individual Flow Of Grace Energy Session is a profound experience of high quality transformation.

“I have had energy work in the past, but working with Katie is by far the most exceptional experience. Not only does she possess magnificent intuitive gifts, she is able to translate her insights into clear and concrete practices that one may use to amplify the energetic shifts in daily life — subtle yet profound daily practices to manifest one’s highest and best self”. – Kimberly S.


A Flow of Grace Energy Session typically includes the following elements:
Inquiry – asking questions to help me get a fuller picture and to help you get to deeper levels of truth
Body-awareness –  bringing mind into body, paying attention and listening to body sensations
Receiving – welcoming a helpful energy into the body to facilitate healing and conscious awareness
Relaxation – a natural by-product of warm attention on body and welcoming the energy
Intuitive Listening – my guides and guidance often shows us what needs attention and will direct our focus to a place in the body, or a thought pattern, outdated belief, or a relationship outside of the body- wherever the energy is asking to be tended.
Therapeutic Processes– are often employed to meet these places with love and attention  ex) a conversation with your inner child, processing emotions, dialogue work, active releasing, etc…
Soul Intelligence –  we honor the evolutionary journey of your soul and listen to how it can best be supported being you in your body at this time.


Phone Sessions


Receiving a Flow of Grace Energy Treatment over the phone is easy and convenient.  You will shift out of discomfort or stuckness and into possibilities.  Energy is not limited by time or space.

Full Hour Sessions recommended for new clients.

Flow of Grace sessions are cumulative, each session builds on the next, going deeper to uncover more of your authentic essence. You will learn tools to soothe your nervous system, interpret your body’s energetic communication, and increase spiritual/soul awareness,

20 minute Masterful Alignment sessions, for current clients only:

  • Masterful Alignment sessions are a quick way for current clients to get clarity or resolution on one or two things in 20 minutes. Some clients use it as a way to recenter or reground after a challenging experience, travel, or just because life gets intense! These sessions include a powerful self-check-in, receiving Divine Energy, and a guaranteed shift from one’s current state.
  • You must have at least one full private session with Katie to qualify for Masterful Alignment calls. Please come to the call with your intention ready, as we’ll move fast!


Pricing & Scheduling a Session


“Katie has been an incredibly valuable resource for me in my business. I have used her to get insight, clarity, ease, abundance and flow in specific areas like attracting new clients to my programs and launching a new business venture. I highly recommend Katie for her no-fluff, get to the point and get the outcome approach! “



In-Person Sessions

Currently are not being offered.

In New York City & New Paltz, NY.   Sometimes in Toledo, OH & Portland, OR.

Live sessions are an exquisite 2 hour experience.   EMAIL KATIE to Schedule your Private Session.

“My limbs felt as if I had been swimming-loose-enormous sensations like a gentle swarm of bees-collecting and dispersing from the crown of my head to the bottoms of my feet-all those tears of gladness collected in the wells of my ears- lying flat with Katie’s long extending hands on my shoulders-a staggering experience I wasn’t expecting. Katie Todd is gifted -my thanks”. –Lisa , Artist & Poet



Systemic Family Constellations

Cycling through the same story again and again…

If you’re in this loop and it’s beginning to exhaust you, and the symptoms remain the same…

A constellation can reveal elusive possibilities and provide access to deep restorative strength from unexpected sources.

This is a Zoom Session with both Katie and David Todd.

Learn More at our Collaborative Site : SOFIA-STUDIO



Create with Spirit Program


Create with Spirit is a personalized program designed to help you move forward fast and efficiently by engaging with spirit and energetically aligning yourself to your goal.
This program consists of:
+ 6 one hour calls of focused energy work and coaching*.In these calls we’ll call up and out the blocks that are in the way of you stepping it up vibrationally and manifesting new and big things. We’ll also align you at soul-level to what it is you are creating, and employ the universe and the subtle realm to assist you. (*I’m not a certified coach, but helpful questions and information are channeled during sessions.  I have experience manifesting, creating, and continually re-creating a pretty lucrative and unique career/life, and have received lots of coaching myself.)+  email check ins. 
     If you need accountability on timelines for what you want to create, this will give us the chance to communicate around that rather than use the energy calls.
+ an energetic yet solid incubator and container.
     I’m holding you and your goals in my thoughts and prayers. My guides will be tending you for the time we work together. This subtle realm support can create some serious miracles and breakthroughs.
You have the option to Create with Spirit for either 3 or 6 months:
 + 3 month option- fast track– we’ll tune in and boost up with an energy session every other week.
 + 6 month option- one energy session call a month- if you feel you’ll need more time between sessions to implement or integrate.
Schedule your free 15 minute consult to apply for this program and see if it’s a good fit for you.