Group Energy Transmissions

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a  75 min personal and group transformation, co-elevation, and co-evolutionary experience.


Love Infusion + Deep Relaxation ~ Wednesdays 7pm EST/ 4pm PST  May 19, June 2, 16, 30   

The energy and consciousness on the planet is rapidly shifting right now. My guidance has prompted me to offer something to support my fellow humans in transforming, becoming, and knowing ourselves as Whole, Holy, Realized Beings. As flesh lit up with Spirit. As innocent, tender creatures, that are also electric, infinite and ever-circuiting Source energy itself.

This is an Aquarian offering; you will experience yourself as a unique expression of one unifying collective consciousness.

Each session will be co-directed by the subtle energy and conscious intentions of each participant. 

The intelligence of the collective field guides and weaves the flow of energy (LOVE) into different levels of awareness as it reshapes mental constructs and reorganizes the molecules of the body.

You can expect to feel very relaxed. Participants reported releases of stress, blocked energy, fears, worries, outdated beliefs and identities. They also experienced feeling filled up with love, “hummming” with bliss, calm, a sense of ‘all is well’, quietude, peace, a greater sense of trust in themselves and in life. Some also said they felt an expanded sense of self, more connected to Source, to their Soul, and even feeling themselves as Source, Grace, Divine Light and LOVE itself.

Requirements for class are a comfy quiet place to connect with yourself and receive, and items handy for comfort and coziness: pillow, blanket, bolsters etc. 

Use this LINK to register and reserve your spot.  Packages of  experiences now available.

Please choose the first option: Group Experience Zoom LOVE INFUSION.

Because this experience is limited to only 9 people, it will fill quickly.   If you see that there is nothing available for the first week or two, you may need to reserve your spot in a future class.


INVITE Katie into YOUR GROUP to create a unique space of collective and personal transformation.  Increase soulfulness, connection, empathy, inspiration, expansion, new ideas, and overall upleveling for all members of your group or team. Contact Katie to schedule.