Katie Todd mug shotKatie is devoted to direct, intimate relationship with the divine. Her active pursuit of healing arts and cultivation of her craft and capacity began at 12 years old, when her mother introduced her to energy work. She’s been on this path ever since. She has studied with many gifted healers, shamans, and spiritual leaders. Katie is an empath, intuitive, and clear channel of divine energy for her clients.

With over 30 years of exploration and cultivation, and deep surrender, Katie has received, developed and brought forth her energy work, The Flow of Grace.

Energetic Soul Portrait, 2019

Always remaining in relationship with her divine guidance, Katie’s work has evolved in a variety of settings and taken a few forms. In its current incarnation, Katie offers private Flow of Grace energy work sessions, mentors apprentices, co-facilitates Constellation Circles with her husband, David, and paints Energetic Soul Portraits for established clients.