The Energy of Now + an Exercise for You
Many of you are also undergoing significant changes in your inner and outer lives.  We are being called to shake things up, try on new ideas, and let go of conditioned reactions and behaviors.  Your familiar sense-of-self may be ready to expand. There is tremendous energy available right now to help you do just that.
The tremendous energy I’m referring to is both the current astrological influences and what is being channeled through for clients in sessions. There’s a big trend towards knowing and feeling Self as Divine, tender downpours of love, physical patterns of stuckness unwinding, and just feeling completely “different”.  Lots of Holy Moments happening ’round here.
You feeling it too?  If not, try asking your guides to give you a personal upgrade while you sleep.

Here’s a fun energetic exercise to help you step out of your small ‘self’ and into what might feel more fresh and exciting as you.
Grab a pen and paper, take a few deep breaths way down to your root. Set a timer for 2 mins. ask yourself the question and quickly write whatever words bubble up from your root. Make a long list, no editing, no judging, just write it down, especially if it’s ridiculous. After 2 mins are up, go to the next question. (Credit to Pamela Madsen for this exercise.)
1. Who am I?
2. What do I want?
3. What’s in the way?

Now choose a “what’s in the way” from your list. Ask where this block lives in your body. Your body will show you a tightness or your mind will just take you to a spot. Now imagine that you are reaching into your body and pulling out this block with your hands. Exhale or cough it out too. Actively and intentionally release it. You’re making more space for what you want. Then tell another person what you want. Hear yourself say “I want ….”. Calling up our deep desires and making them known can be challenging. Start small. Know that you are worth it. I’m routing for you to be in profound joy and freedom!