Hi Friends!As some of you know, I started an apprenticeship training last fall. Six talented and intuitive women have now been taught and initiated into my unique energy work.
We also just came up with a name for it!  Flow Of Grace.

Flow of Grace stems the modalities embodied in me over my life including: Renewal, Reiki, Shamanism, BodyTalk, Somatics, LET, Priestess work & psychic training. In essence though, this modality is just what it says – A Flow of Grace. My apprentices have learned how to be an open channel for graceful healing, wisdom and love. They have done deep inner work to expand their range of being “comfortable” and neutral with what is, they have honed their intuitive abilities, and faced their own fears in coming out publicly with their healing gifts. The more powerful and unique our gifts, the more scary it can feel to share them. And woah, these ladies have juicy gifts to share!
I invite you to take advantage of a discounted energy session with one of these talented women.

Details on Discounted Apprenticeship Sessions:

  • Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • There are only 14 sessions available, first come first serve.
  • There are six sessions available for $50, six for $75, and two for $100. These price increments are designed to quickly acclimate my apprentices to receiving money for their purposeful work, encouraging the creation of a sustainable livelihood.
  • Please claim only one spot at this time. (If you find there are no more spots available and you really really want one please reply to this message and let me know.)
  • Flow of Grace Sessions (90 min) with new practitioners outside of this discount are $150.
  • Apprentices will contact you privately to set up the session.
  • Sessions will be in SE Portland or Vancouver (love the ‘Couv).
  • Claim your spot here!


Meet Erika, Jessica, Sidra, Julie, Heidi, and (not pictured) Megan .Here’s what Julie has to say about Flow of Grace Energy:

 “Flow of Grace sessions are a full body prayer and infusion of divine energy.  This cooperative experience guides you through the process of being totally present in the space within your body and outside your body. By allowing your body to absorb this energy, you are providing the most nutritious and pleasurable food possible for your soul.  This energy work allows you to experience a deeper relationship with your emotions, thought patterns, and spirit. There is a deeper dimension of your being inside that holds space for your feelings & thoughts.  As you engage and give yourself permission to explore these layers within yourself without judgment, you begin to connect to the messages within your own body. You may experience these messages both physically and emotionally. An intention of this work is to allow you to embrace the duality of life. To experience the expansion and contraction. We are often told never to have negative feelings, “think only positive,” or that we haven’t read the right books, or drank enough green juice, or practiced a technique enough. Experiencing the light and dark, the comfortable and uncomfortable feelings, is acknowledging the flavor of life happening in every moment. Engaging in this energy work is not a spiritual by-pass. When we can have a relationship with our collective feelings, we are not disconnecting or denying a transformational part of ourselves. This can be a humorous, fascinating, enjoyable, inspiring, and restorative process. 

I will help strengthen your ability to allow the flow of your own unique tide by allowing this energy dissolve what no longer serves you through your awareness and presence.  All feelings have a life cycle, which is the NATURE of CHANGE. 

When you invest in allowing energy work into your life, you will feel how privileged it is to be you! Your vibrance and essence is at the core of your being. Like a seed we can nurture this to grow, empowering your limitations to fall away!

The Flow of Grace energy nourishes every internal body system. With your nervous system fully engaged in this deep state of being, it gives your body permission to release stress and tension. In turn, this supports your immune and circulatory systems, which aids in the body’s own ability for self-healing. 

I look forward to embarking with you on your journey of receiving high-vibrational care!”

Blessings and Gratitude,