This year I’ve been working with an amazingly rad, rebellious, and creative mentor, who has helped me expand and deepen my Energy Work Practice.  She is not all love and light, she is dark and punk and real. And to be honest, I was terrified to work with her.
Fast forward 6 months later to the results (I like results)…. I am way more comfortable and confident in my “out there” psychic and intuitive gifts, so much so that a new nitche of energetic coaching just kinda happened. I’ve also started teaching an apprenticeship, offered new online classes, had my first couple five figure months, and sponsored Rimas’s education in Kenya (see picture). So um, yeah, my mentor ROCKS. Her name is ….drumroll please…. Denise Dee.
Denise is all about uncovering your gifts, sharing them, living fully, and manifesting what you really want. And if you’re reading this newsletter, I know you are probably into that too.  If you’re not, and you are just like my paintings, that’s cool too.
Now when Denise Dee announced she was creating a completely different kind of online event,  and invited me to participate, I was again terrified, but then i got excited. (Following fear, it can be golden.) Here it is… The BrouhHAHA Online Festival Begins October 23

3c11d98e-a843-40f1-a72c-9ea38b86e74eFestival Begins OCTOBER 23, 2014

I am so excited to be part of the first Brouhaha ‘Causing a Disturbance’ Festival. This is not your average festival and the organizer, Denise Dee, is not your average anything.

It’s going to feature a wide-range of witches, artists, poets, feminists, skeptics and mystics. This festival is for the anti-healer – those of us who are tired of ‘healing’ and being on ‘pause’ and are ready for FULL ON living !!! This festival is for people who live by- or at least thrill to ‘Why Not?” This festival is for the person who creates their own weather and lives by their own forecast. My Galactivation partner Emily Trinkaus is also in the line up!

This festival is for people who want to create and live by their own ‘emotional vibrational scale’ and who don’t need everything ‘love and lighted’ up. Who embrace contradiction, polarity and the electricity of opposites.

All Access Pass – $297
(This price is for a limited time. Price goes up to $497 on Oct. 21)

You can learn more before you invest on the preview call here

Find me at the Festival:

-Wednesday October 22nd, 10 am PST – Denise will be interviewing me(yes, i am excited and scared again!)

-Thursday October 23, 9:30 am PST – So You’ve Been Burned? an energetic healing workshop in the Brouhaha Festival happening
Do You have a visceral fear of stepping into and owning your power and gifts? These 3 calls will assist you in stepping into the fire and facing these fears.  The world is ready for your magic now.  Those centuries of patriarchal conditioning got nothing on the 2014-here-&-now-version of YOU. Find out more.

-Friday October 31st, 11 am PST – Denise Interviews Emily Trinkaus and I for a mini- Galactivation!

More about the ALL ACCESS PASS

There are a few Brouhaha Festival All Access Passes left !  This pass gets you into all the pre-festival calls (4 calls) with Denise and rituals, opening and closing night rituals and all the incredible diverse workshops (11 workshops). The Pluto and Chiron workshop that Denise is doing alone costs $297- Snag one now and save $200. Price goes up to $497 on the 21st.

As a bonus, if you buy the All Access Pass, you also get to do the pre-festival warm up:

Black Sheep, Outcasts, Rebels and the Power of Casting a New Circle”- this 4 week workshop prepares us to enter the festival ready to be RECEIVE love, money and magic!  If you are a black sheep, outcast or rebel- you can be saying you want something but as soon as it comes close – you get afraid/close down/and push it away!   Denise Dee will be leading this workshop and she will get you to see and feel what is in your way.  We want to hit the ground ready to take action on October 23rd !!!”

All artwork – Denise Dee! Follow her on Facebook. She is lively and forward.

Thanks for being in my world,