When I had my first art opening, sure I was nervous, but when I first published my energy work website, I was physically terrified. The nightmare that woke me the night it launched was filled with army guys jumping out of a helicopter in my backyard, pointing guns at me and telling me this kind of healing work was illegal & I would be taken hostage and killed.d0e1086f0d49be9d35b3f45308c5eda3

Putting our heart’s work out into the world is scary. Period. What is fascinating to me though, is the degree and intensity of fear being so completely different for these two similar “putting your work out into the public” events.

Art show = excited, nervous, hope people don’t hate my paintings. Energy work = body seizes up, heart races, stomach knots up, nightmares, and terror takes over for NO LOGICAL REASON. So I’m diving into the ILLOGICAL reason that made itself know to me: the untold history of 16th and 17th century European witch hunts and the denigration of the magical and powerful female (and that gorgeous feminine energy in you guys).

I’m scared and excited to follow the inner prompt to DO something about this. I’ve created an energy healing teleclass called So You’ve Been Burned? My guides will assist with energy healing and clearing around our collective fear of stepping out publicly with our gifts. We’ll hang with feeling fear, nay-sayers, our inner quacks, and how freaking challenging it is to embody our wise spiritual selves. There will be Q & A and lots of reclaiming of power. The Bold and Fearful in you are both welcome. More here.