Katie Todd

To me Power is…

Eggs for breakfast.  You probably have your own foods that make you feel powerful and energized, ready to take on your day.  The foods we choose to eat can either potently build or weaken the body’s power. The thoughts we think about the foods we eat can have even more influence on our power. What foods do you KNOW seriously and simply fuel your power?  Eat those. and yes, chocolate counts.

Being in your body – eating power-foods is one thing, but fully inhabiting your body is another. We collectively as a culture are not in our bodies. We are in our heads, or in a virtual reality. Our many screens, smartphones, and generally “Thinking our way through life” keeps us from dropping ourselves  into our bodies, where present moment awareness lies. Where power lies.  Quick remedy: feel your feet, wiggle your toes. Can you feel the pressure of your shoes on your feet?  the fabric of your socks against your toes? Bringing your awareness into the body brings your presence into your body. When your presence is in your body, you have a stronger sense of yourself. You feel yourself.  You are capable of making stronger decisions, feeling your gut, and being in touch with your intuition. Your nervous system literally re-wires itself, re-connecting to previously “left out” cells and tissues. This reconnection is powerful. Your awareness of yourself – whether it’s your big toe, or your full spiritual essence – in your physical body literally brings more of you here. We want that.

Power is embodiment.  It happens your whole self is in – your body.  Embodiment | em?bäd?m?nt-  views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to personal growth and spiritual transformation.

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