Full Moon

Lunar Galactic Activations are monthly teleconferences that happen at the time of the full moon.

My astrologer, friend, colleague, and fellow “star sister”, Emily Trinkaus, and I wanted to create something that we ourselves personally needed, something unique, expansive, and fun.

Galactivations are a shared space and time to collectively evolve our consciousness, grow into and ground our superpowers here.  It’s the place to reconnect, renew, and replenish from the BIG CREATIVE force of the galaxy.  I personally like to call that God.

Lunar Galactic Activation videowatch us explain how it works!

There is so much evolutionary energy, information, light, love, help, support, inspiration, and encouragement available to us right now for our personal transformation!  But when do we make the  time and a space to RECEIVE all of this goodness from the universe?   Tapping into Galactic and Divine energy is not anything fancy or special, everyone can do it, everyone has access. Let us guide you into that space each month.  Not only will you learn to feel your energy body, you’ll also learn astrology in a super cool way- by feeling it in your body.
Nothing delights Emily and I more than sharing our gifts and helping you to expand and grow.

 Don’t miss our next Lunar Galactic Activation. All women are welcome and this is a teleclass, so you can participate via phone from anywhere on the planet. More details and Register here.