I am passionate about the serious good these 2 non-profits are doing in the world!   Katie Todd Healing Arts wanted to to let you know that a portion of this years’ profits have been generously given  to C  I  CAN  and The Fistula Foundation.

Sales from the 2012 SE Area Artwalk made it possible to sponsor Kyazike through Portland’s own non-profit: C  I  CAN.

C  I  CAN  is a small 501c3 non-profit based in Portland, Oregon that provides education sponsorships for girls in developing countries who, otherwise, do not have access to education. They partner with stable, international community based development projects in several countries, matching at-risk girls to a sponsor. Sponsorship provides for tuition, uniform, school supplies and 1-2 meals per day.

AGE:                      11 years
SCHOOL NAME:  Bwetyaaba Primary School
GRADE/CLASS:    Primary Six
ASPIRATIONS:     To be a Nurse
KYAZIKE’S HISTORY: Kyazike is a sister to 1 boy and 2 girls. She comes from a single parent – extended family, headed by her mother as her father passed away. In this family, there are 2 other boys and 2 other girls from her late uncle. Kyazike is good at her studies. She is also good at extra mural activities like music dance and drama.

We periodically get a photo or letter from Kyazike:
Kyazike just got the news she's sponsered!Kyazike at school   Click for more info on sponsoring.

The Fistula Foundation is doing tremendous work restoring female bodies and personal dignity. I’ve started making a donation in honor of the purchaser of each sizable painting that sold this year. Another donation is made at the end of the fiscal year. In addition, on Mother’s Day, my mom, mother-in-law, and sister all make a personal donation in lieu of gifts.

Obstetric fistula is the most devastating and serious of all childbirth injuries.  After enduring days of agonizing, obstructed labor a woman’s body is literally broken by childbirth. During labor contractions, the baby’s head is constantly pushing against the mother’s pelvic bone — causing tissue to die due to lack of blood flow to this area. All of that pushing creates a hole, or in medical terms a “fistula”, between the birth passage and an internal organ such as the bladder or rectum. A woman cannot hold her urine, and sometimes bowel content as well.

Her baby is unlikely to survive. If she survives, a woman with fistula is likely to be rejected by her husband because of her inability to bear more children and her foul smell. She will be shunned by her community and forced to live an isolated existence. These women suffer profound psychological trauma resulting from their utter loss of status and dignity, in addition to suffering constantly from their physical internal injury.
Donation & gifting info here.

I would like to thank you for supporting my work in the world. I am grateful for you!

Blessings on your Thanksgiving,