“More Abundance Please” is one of the more popular request I receive from clients.  Energetically, how do we create abundance?

Most all of us have created or inherited beliefs around money stemming from our parents, friends, ancestors, and our culture that can become energetic blocks. These blocks then stagnate the flow of energy, and  the flow of love & moola’, making it hard to feel abundant. Everyone’s story about why they don’t/can’t have what they want in life is different. It takes awareness and initiative to question your story,  to decide if you really want it to be true for you, and then choose to create something different.

This is where energy work can be extremely helpful. Each one of our beliefs and stories has a specific frequency, or vibration. My ability to feel the quality of energy in the subtle body allows me to feel these frequencies, and help you feel them too. There is a dissonance with old stories that are HEAVY and weighing you down, keeping you in lack and the truth of essential GOLDEN self.  Energy work allow us to connect with that frequency and the emotion attached and then clear it. It’s pretty quick and easy, especially if you really feel ready to change things up.

Once energetic blocks are removed,  you’ll be even more freed up to make magic happen by using this quickie exercise for creating the feelings of abundance: (you can still do it right now, even if you feel blocked!)
Look around you right now for 5 things/people you love and are grateful for.   Think of how much you LOVE them, why you love them.  Flood yourself with that love and gratitude.  Can feel in in your body?  Notice the specific energetic quality of that feeling of gratitude.  To me, it feels tingly, bright, lifting. My heart and chest also feel expanded.  What do you notice in your body?  Go ahead do it right now. The world will wait for you, it wants you to be in this lighter vibe now too.  Go on.

Good. Wasn’t that easy? You can create an instant shift into abundance for yourself anytime, anywhere.
Here’s my  example story:

Last week I had a low # of clients and  got down on myself, worrying that I wouldn’t meet my financial obligations.   Then came this overwhelming urge to make brownies. (Full disclosure, I often get overwhelmed by chocolate cravings at various times during most days, and I just eat some chocolate, but I don’t go through the effort of making brownies).  After resisting it for 2 days, I finally made these healthy vegan almond butter brownies.

What’s funny, is that as soon as I stopped resisting and decided to friggin’ just make the brownies, my mood shifted. I was pumped and excited. And when those puppies came out of the oven,  I felt douper abundant with this rich chocolately goodness for me and my family to enjoy.  And I also randomly felt a new appreciation for my 20 yr old car. huh?

The next day a new client came in and decided to purchase a BIG painting.  huh?  Then this week 3 new referrals out of the blue.  huh?

So what goodness have you been resisting?  Is there gratitude hiding out right next to you?

No matter how much cash is in your wallet, you will BE happy and rich if you choose to feel that way.  You powerful person, you.

The universe IS abundant, including you.

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