Something quite interesting  keeps coming up with clients, and I think that it wants to be acknowledged out loud a little more, so here goes.

I’m calling it Incarnational Acceptance: Accepting your soul’s choice to incarnate on the planet here and now. This includes accepting the facts that

1. you have a body

2. things might feel slower here

3. you have to feel things

4. it really is safe plug in, source your energy, and trust yourself on Earth

5. you really can/its safe to use your superpowers here

6. you still are divine, huge, and stellar

7. You can embody that here and now.

8. and my 7 yr old daughter wanted to make sure that i wrote, “it means you fart”.

My clients are just a small slice of the population, but all of them are amazingly powerful, highly intelligent, and sensitive beings.  To some of them, the world feels like a harsh place to be, the American Dream feels futile, and to be an agent of change and evolution is counter culture, an uphill battle. No wonder why we don’t want to accept the fact that we incarnated here and now- THERE NO POPULAR sexy cool TEMPLATE FOR OUR FULL EXPRESSION-  and by full expression I mean the abilty to share your unique gifts and talents with your world. We carry revolutionary information inside of us. It’s something we’re all were born with.  That information is worth sharing.

What would you talk more about if it wasn’t “weird”?

When or where do you Resist showing up?  Where and when is it easy to be fully you?

My clients who have become more conscious around choosing to fully be here, all the way in their bodies, honestly engaging with life, have reported quickly manifesting opportunities, relationships, and positive changes.

Let me know, Divine One, if you think you want in on this earthly fun.

I can help you embody, or refer you to another great embodiment professional.

Be well,  Katie