Today the Universe ( sent me this email message asking,

“What’s the scariest thing in the world, Katie?

Yeah, forgetting how much you’re loved. (Mucho, mucho)

-Or forgetting you have a partner, Katie. Me.” 

Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder, Universe. I noticed my neck immediately softened and my seat relaxed a bit deeper into my chair. Isn’t it amazing how just the THOUGHT of someone looking out for you- so quickly and directly impacts our physiology?  We see this in bodies at the Pilates Studio and in Energy work sessions.  We see it so often that I decided to give it a name, “Thought Medicine”.   It’s fast, effective, completely free, and requires no health care plan to activate. Thought Medicine helps lower blood pressure, helps muscles release tension, helps the nervous system switch out of anxiety -flight-fight mode, helps the digestive system smooth out, even our mental health benifets from Thought Medicine. Our frame of mind can instantly switch from Worry to “ALL IS WELL” when we know we’re taken care of,  loved, or have a helpful partner (or bodyworker) on our side. It’s a very simple way we can add one person-full of wellness and peace to the world.

How do you remind yourself that something bigger is on your side? How are you already using Thought Medicine?

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