EMPOWER both you and your mom with some Renewing Energy work.  I can help you get clarity and resolution around your Mother with energy work. We can do it in person or over the phone. I have quite a gift for tapping into the energetic patterns we inherit from our parents. Those patterns are unconscious, and have been handed down from our grandparents to our parents, then to us.
The Matriliinage: My Grandma, 91, youthful Mom, and daugther.
If you’ve watched Mad Men then you know the kind of emotional suppression our parents grew up with. Imagine a generation before them, those who went through the depression, and great hardships. In those challenging times, a parent or grandparent never got the chance to feel, express, or get acknowledged for something.  This sometimes gets passed on to the next generation. There is often an energy of discontent, or a feeling we then carry of “I can’t fully be how I know I can be”.  Energy work involves a fine-tuned awareness to any defunct influences, so that we can feel the subtle tugs on us from mom, or from generations back. Energy work allows them to be put to rest. When we clear and resolve the past, we not only get freed up to be fully ourselves, but we create a more peaceful life. Even if mom’s already passed on, clearing up our family’s heaviness only helps the next generation be more clear and empowered. Energy work is fast and effective, making it easy to do you part to make the world a more peaceful place. Each one of our “peaces” matter to the whole.
Here’s a sample of working out some “Mom stuff” from a recent client:
“After my Renewal Energy Session I really felt like I let go… actually that was one of the most powerful things – that you sensed that I was holding my mom’s anger and when you told me to send it back to her,  I had this vivid visualization of balling up all this blackness and hurtling it across the country, and her opening a nice package to find it, and as I was seeing this, you said that it was her power, and that connection made something click. giving her power back to her. That really helped me LET GO.  And I feel  EMPOWERED!!!! thank you. I also loved hearing as you moved through each organ what each was about emotionally, and the security piece connection with the bladder.  i also feel a stronger UNDERSTANDING of my own energy body. I am now clear, cleansed, focused, purged, loving life, not stressed at all, and very happy!!!”

Go on, and try some energy work, get happy and help make the world a better place.