The Flow of Grace 



The Flow of Grace is a somatic based energy work that weaves the wisdom of the Soul together with the intelligence of the body.

The Flow of Grace brings you into your body and connects you with your essence.  It calms and rewires the nervous system, upgrades thoughts, and saturates you with sweet unconditional love.

Clients feel immediate relaxation, relief of physical, emotional and psychological pain, relationships improve, they feel more connected with themselves, with the Divine, empowered, and aligned with Life.

As an artist and innovator in the realm of energy healing, Katie has devoted her life to helping people connect to their inner knowing and open profound levels of self awareness. 


 The Flow of Grace energy work is perfect for you if:

You know exactly what you want, have the skills and know-how to get there, but just can’t seem to get there on your own– (the what and there being states of being, feeling, etc)– I will help unlock the invisible forces keeping you stuck.

You are a therapist, healer, coach, or self-motivated individual who wants high-vibrational care

You are ready for a transition, an initiation, a deepening. You are ready to embody your spirituality.

You feel something is waiting for you– you’re not sure what. Perhaps maybe life feels pregnant around you and when it’s time for you to receive, I step in as your “spiritual midwife” and harness that energy into your body. We then help your nervous system adjust and your mind understand what it’s about.

I’m not here to ‘fix’ you, but I will give you permission to eat chocolate after your session, sometime that fixes a lot.



Trust that your guidance has pulled you to this experience at the perfect time.


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I feel so blessed that the universe led me to Katie. It took me a year to finally decide to make an appointment however I am certainly glad that I did. Katie is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and strong. She holds an amazing space for the work that she is able to transmit. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to move through those things that lay in the mystery of what holds you back. She can empower you and help reveal what needs to be done so that you may keep walking forward.” – C.S.