So You’ve Been Burned – Healing the Burning Times, A Digital Workshop for Magical Women




So You’ve Been Burned?


So You Think  You’ve Been Burned? Persecuted?  Killed for being a witch, healer, midwife, lover, wise woman in a past life?
Do you have a visceral fear of stepping into your power and gifts? Was it anything like this?

As part of the Brouhaha Festival curated by Denise Dee, this 70 minute call will assist you in stepping into the fire and facing these unconscious yet tangible fears.

Call includes Guided Energy Work focused on:

  • Stirring the pot- allowing hidden fears to surface and come into conscious awareness
  • Somatic-based Energetic Clearing, Releasing Unconscious and Conscious Fears of Being Seen and Using Your Magical Powers
  • Guided Reclaiming, Owning, and Sharing Those Freaking Awesome Powers

The world is ready for your magic now.  Those centuries of patriarchal conditioning got nothing on the 2015-here-&-now-version of YOU.

To prepare for the call:

-please watch :  The Burning Times 

-please listen :   Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Femininean excellent resource on the history of the denigration of the feminine from Emily Trinkaus.




Created with Nokia Smart CamOh and meet Rimas!

Proceeds from this call will continue to fund Rimas’ first year of high school. She lives in Kenya and has aspirations to be the president. More info for Investing Developing Communities at






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