Fundamentals of Feminine Power, Module ONE


Rewire Your Foundation, Power Up Your Root

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Rewire Your Foundation, Power Up Your Root

Our Fundamentals of Feminine Power series is focused on dismantling your INNER patriarchy. Emily shares her divinely feminine astrological insights about the planets and chakras, and Katie guides the group through powerful energy healing. We delve into each energy center to uncover and heal any wounds and distortions, and we update each center to support you to stand in your authentic Feminine Power.

Are you feeling called to step up your feminine power?  Do you want to embody and experience more pleasure, creativity, happiness and flow? The key is in your ROOT.

As a woman, you must have a healthy root chakra to embody and express your full feminine power. And, there are centuries of historical energy patterns and conditioning blocking women from having access to this power.

Each session includes an astro-overview and group energy session, plus personalized astro-energy sessions with Emily and Katie. In addition to amplifying your feminine powers, you’ll  learn about astrology and energy healing – and how these two modalities can work together – through direct experience.

The Fundamentals of Feminine Power is the first Module in our Galactic Temple Astro-Energy Training Curriculum. This first Module lays the foundation conceptually and physically in you with the first and second chakras, and we will ascend through the chakra system in upcoming Deep-Dive Modules.

Purchase of this class includes:

  • four 90-minute class recordings
  • pdf’s of astrology charts we discuss in class
  • somatic exercises to empower your root

Details about sessions:

1.  Mars & the 1st (Root) Chakra

  • Mars/1st chakra providing foundation and support for Venusian creativity and pleasure
  • Get grounded in your root; expand, deepen and widen your root to increase your feeling of safety and security
  • Clear historical conditioning and Burning Times trauma to bring your root back online

2.  Pluto & the Earth Chakra

  • Super-charge your root by plugging into the Earth’s core
  • Widen the pathway from your root to the center of the planet, increasing your capacity for channeling the power of Mother Earth through your body
  • Shift your relationship with the Underworld from a place of fear to a source of transformational power

3. Venus & the 2nd (Womb) Chakra

  • Supported by your strong root, juice up your fertility and creativity
  • Allow greater ease, flow and pleasure in your creative process
  • Clear blocks to trusting your intuitive, feeling-based, feminine approach to manifesting

4. Integration Session

Bonus Call!  Root Reboot and Review – In this one-hour call, we  review the Earth, Root and Womb chakras, including some of the practices we covered in Module 1. You’ll receive energy work to support and update your Root, in preparation for moving up into the next two chakras in Module 2.


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