What does it mean to be a High Priestess?



A High Priestess knows that she knows. She knows she is a divine expression of power and wisdom.

She has taken on the responsibility and role of living from that knowledge. She has come to a place in her life where she is ready and willing to be a leader and to be of service. That can look like her serving her desires, her family, or her community or all of these.

She is willing to lead by example and create honesty and integrity in her relationships. She doesn’t compromise her truth. Her joy comes from honoring her path, from sharing and service, and sometimes shopping.

The High Priestess must fearlessly embrace her own divinity, and her own darkness in order to have the power to hold the space for others to grow into and explore theirs as well.

She sees herself as sacred and recognizes it in all. She endeavors to awaken and call forth the sacredness in others in the most loving way, so that they too can live from their sourced-self.

She recognizes the sacredness of everyday life and is willing to share that with others through ritual, play, ceremony, and most of all the by example, as her divinity is in her body, her being.

She can vibrationally shift others with her presence. She can radiate healing or right-alignment without an agenda. The Priestess’ work transcends one’s personal idea of what change looks like for others. She trusts in the highest expression of others.   And she can call it forth for them easily.

She has the courage to follow her self-wisdom. She takes time to listen to self, to spirit, to guidance. She can ask for support and clarity and help. She knows the power of being vulnerable.

The Priestess knows that it is HER time. This is the time of the Divine Feminine energy reemerging on earth via our bodies to bring about changes in human consciousness. It is not about DOING, or wearing robes and crystals, no seeking followers, being the priestess means CLAIMING YOUR OWN WISDOM and ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE in your BODY.

The seeking is over, It is time to bring your treasures forward.

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