Mentorship Circle

Practice-Building Mentorship Circle for Mystics with Emily and Katie

April 7-August 31 (first session April 12)
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mentorship for mystics

Are you a healer, astrologer and/or mystic who wants to expand your reach in the world? Do you desire a holistic, astro-aligned, soul-growth-focused, Venusian approach to business? Are you longing for a safe, supportive community that will nurture your personal and professional evolution?

Our Mentorship Circle addresses the unique challenges faced by women mystics.

Maybe you’re one of many mystical women stuck working at an unfulfilling job instead of experiencing the joy of sharing your gifts with the world. Or maybe you’re one of many women who is working as a healing practitioner but stuck in patterns of over-working, under-earning and self-sacrifice, barely surviving and definitely not thriving.

The unique challenges faced by mystical businesswomen are rarely addressed in typical coaching programs. The legacy of the Burning Times and deeply entrenched patriarchal conditioning often result in:

  • the fear of being seen as powerful AND magical
  • the fear of being persecuted for your mystical skills
  • the fear of trusting that you can USE your magical and feminine arts to grow your business
  • the fear of financial success and financial power

In a container of supportive Sisterhood, we will address these challenges, chipping away at your “inner patriarchy” and opening up new potentials for expanding your magical feminine presence in the world. As a woman mystic, you are also blessed with unique gifts and skills – which we will help you utilize to expand your business!

Over the course of this five-month Mentorship, you will:moon-rays-women

  • learn about, align with and utilize the current astrology to grow your practice
  • receive powerful energy work to clear underlying blocks to success
  • explore and experiment with feminine approaches to business
  • do the inner work AND take outer-world action steps to create your dream business
  • support and be supported by a community of Sister Mystics
  • benefit from Emily and Katie’s experience and expertise as magical businesswomen

Some of the specific themes we’ll cover:

  • self-care and boundary-setting for the healing practitionerimgres
  • the importance of pleasure and TURN-ON in building and running your business
  • clearing and healing Burning Times trauma and the fear of persecution
  • taking the risk of being seen and sharing your unique gifts
  • reworking your relationship with money
  • owning your magical, feminine power in your business and in the public
  • we will also tailor this Mentorship to the specific needs of the group, and address specific struggles that arise

You’ll receive:images-3

  • 10 90-minute live sessions with Emily and Katie by phone or webcast, which will include time for Q&A (all sessions will be recorded)
  • assignments between sessions focused on inner and outer work to build your practice
  • participation in a private Facebook group where you can support and be supported by a community of mystical Sister Goddesses

Session Details:

The Circle will officially open at the Aries New Moon on April 7, when we’ll open the Facebook group, introduce ourselves and share intentions. The Circle will officially close on August 31.

10 sessions by phone, webcast or recording, all on Tuesdays from 10-11:30am Pacific: April 12, April 26, May 10, May 24, June 7, June 21, July 5, July 19, August 2, August 23


pay in full: $695
payment plan: 5 monthly payments of $150 ($750 total)

If you desire extra support during the program:

We have 8 spots open for private sessions with Emily & Katie. You’ll receive a one-hour astro-mentoring session with Emily, in which we’ll use your chart for guidance on how you can best align with your soul’s purpose and expand your work; and a one-hour energy session with Katie, in which you’ll clear energetic blocks to making money, and owning your power, and embodying the fullness of what your soul is here to offer the world.

pay in full: $1095
payment plan: 5 monthly payments of $225 ($1125 total)

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Sign up for the FREE preview call: Thursday, March 24 at 10:00am PST (or by recording)

You’ll get to hear about Emily and Katie’s personal practice-building journeys, and why we’re so passionate about supporting other women in giving their mystical gifts to the world. You’ll also learn about the Saturn-Neptune square – the planetary headline in 2016 – specifically in relation to dissolving old patriarchal approaches to business, and how you can work with this energy to grow your practice. And, you’ll receive powerful energy work from Katie to dissolve your limiting energetic patterns relating to work, worth, and support. There will be time for questions, so you can feel into whether this Mentorship is right for you. Sign up


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