Katie Todd mug shotKatie’s mother introduced her family to energy work when Katie was 12 years old. That initiation woke up her soul, and lit up her passion for the Divine. She has studied with many gifted healers, shamans, and spiritual leaders. She is an empath, intuitive, and clear channel of divine energy for her clients.

As a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University, Katie has degrees in Psychology, Fine Art, and East Asian Studies. She taught in Japan for 2 years, traveled the globe a bit, started a small business, then moved with her husband to Portland in 2000, intending to study Naturopathic Medicine at NCNM.

Pilates Style MagazineHer plans were intervened by a magical influence of forces and led her to instead become a certified Pilates instructor. Thus began her therapeutic body and energy work in the fitness industry. Read about how she combined Energy work and Pilates in Pilates Style Magazine. Katie trained individuals and groups for 12 years, incorporating a clear and grounded energetic mind-body focus.  She no longer teaches Pilates, but continues cueing her clients into their bodies as they receive energy work, creating an energetic connection they can really feel!

Katie now teaches others her unique brand of  Energy work, Flow of Grace, best described as a combination of somatic awareness, Shamanism, Akashic or Soul Energy, and a dash of that gorgeous Grace that just pours on through when we open to it.

ART: After the birth of her daughter in 2004, Katie took a break from seeing clients to focus healing her postpartum depression. A therapist suggested she find something to feed her soul. Thanks to the support and encouragement from her husband, she started painting again. Within a year, she began exhibiting and selling her work. She quickly gained recognition among collectors and was a featured artist in Oregon Home Magazine.  See her work at KatieToddArt.com.

She currently enjoys her time with family, friends, Energy work clients, painting, and eating good food.

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